A Perfect lifestyle with an AK1980 fitness tracker

For every individual fitness means that must be mentally and physically fit to style their everyday life. Being mentally fit is important for smart thinking in daily operations and being physically fit is important so that you could be able to handle physical challenges that life puts in front of you daily. So to take up all the challenges one should always be mentally and physically perfect.

To add more perfection in your fitness we are here with a waterproof AK1980 fitness tracker which perfectly does it works with which it is sum up and gives accurate access that it perfectly count heart rate, analyze your sleeping patterns, count calorie burn, and steps. This fitness tracker is perfect for every individual who is on the go to mark their fitness routine. This fitness tracker works as a smartwatch always keeping you on top with every time update when you connect it with your smartphone you will never miss any incoming calls, important messages, social media notifications, and many more while recording your daily physical activity. It is extremely easy-to-use and is roll up with a great feature. This fitness tracker is come up with a touch button control.

AK1980 Fitness Tracker

The Amazing work of AK1980 fitness tracker

AK1980 fitness tracker helps you with a healthier lifestyle

  • Measure blood pressure: Although it’s not a specialized blood pressure machine though AK1980 fitness tracker tracks down the accurate pressure while you are connected with it.
  • Track sleeping time: To help better understand your sleep AK1980 fitness tracker automatically tracks your sleep quality and record your light sleep, deep sleep, and wake time.
  • Acts as a remote camera: Just shake and capture your moment which you never want to miss out and enjoy your happy time with your family.
  • Everyday fitness tracking: Accurately records your daily activity. Track your walking distance, calories burn, track steps and more.
  • Inanimate reminder: Whenever you are busy at work and sit for a long time it quickly reminds you to move so that you feel healthy and refreshed.
  • Acts as an Alarm clock: Set up alarms from APP, vibrate alarms and calmly wake you up every morning or whenever you are in rest in between.
  • Works as a Stopwatch: AK1980 fitness tracker counts down every second of your movement when you jump and run.


To enjoy the powerful features of AK1980 fitness tracker you need to connect it with your mobile app so that you will be updated with each and everything. This tracker supports Bluetooth4.0 or later, iOS8.0 or later, and Android 5.1 or later.

Features of this fitness tracker

  • Useful movement modes: In this fitness tracker, there is built-in quality movement which tracks every movement of a person like- cycling, climbing, running, hiking, and swimming.
  • Sleep & heart rate monitor: This wrist-based automatic monitor your heart rate, calorie burn, optimize your workout and record your full-day heart rate curve automatically. The built-in sleep monitor helps you to understand your sleep patterns better.
  • Track down daily activity: This fitness tracker works as a professional monitor that accurately records all your daily activity and helps you to manage your target completion in a day, weekly, monthly, and helps you to better understand all your movements.
  • Alerts through notifications: This tracker alerts you by sending notifications with a silent vibration of all your incoming calls, messages, and all social media notifications.
  • Waterproof: AK1980 fitness tracker is 100% waterproof which allows you to stay underwater and also helps you to count your calories during swimming.

Final Verdict

AK1980 fitness tracker is easy-to-use and set up. It does all it works efficiently with only a single band, measure your heartbeat, track your sleeping time, counts calories burn and records all your day-to-day activity which you workout and keep you updated with your phone’s upcoming notifications and help you to never miss out any important calls while you are underwater.

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