Here Are Our Top Roomba Cleaners For Cleaning Your Dog Hair

Here Are Our Top Roomba Cleaners For Cleaning Your Dog Hair

No matter how much you love your dog, you really can’t stop your dog from making a mess with its hair all over your home. It’s now only the right moment for you to contemplate  acquiring a Roomba to clean up your dog hair. Who knows your Roomba might be your dog’s best friend too. Consequently, which Roomba is impeccable for pup fur?

The Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 675

This Roomba Cleaner is considered to be the premier budget Roombas out in the market. This Roomba cleaner is a low-cost dog fur cleaner fashioned with the inspiration of the Roomba 690, which is a bit expensive. 

However, this doesn’t mean, it is feeble enough than 690. Apart from lacking a virtual wall, all other features like suction power, run time, and cleaning performance are the same as Roomba 690. People can expect a run time of 90 minutes for this Roomba cleaner. Because of its compact size, it will effortlessly clean the dog hair that is stuck in tough lineups. 

Its small size, powerful performance, and affordability have made it the quality sold Roomba hoover till date.

  • Nominal yet powerful
  • Smart functions that can be controlled via a mobile application
  • Wifi connectivity 
  • Is compatible with impact size helps clean tight spaces
  • Cleaning performance is not the best compared to other higher Roomba models
  • Dirt detection is not advanced like more expensive models like the 800 and 900 series
  • Lack of virtual wall 
  • Can it clean your pup’s muss?

Dog hair – YES

Dog faeces – NO


iRobot Roomba 690 Suction Connected To Wi-Fi

This is also an entry-level Roomba Vacuum at an affordable range. This too can effectively clean your dog’s hair deposits or lump of hairs without any issue. The lift and clean technology of Roomba vacuums are effective in cleaning the dog hair that is caught and entangled in carpets of your home. 

The run time is 90 minutes which is close to Roomba 675. It also has Wifi connectivity which means it also supports scheduling for cleaning which can also make your dog accompany you when you are not at home.

The main feature that is different from Roomba 675 is that 690 is its vertical wall. Roomba 690 floated with a vertical wall included. This can be useful if people wish to restrict their robot from entering a certain area of the dwelling.

  • Affordable 
  • Scheduling
  • Astute features with Wifi connectivity 
  • Includes Dual Mode Virtual Wall
  • Not suitable for high suction vacuum deep cleans
  • No advanced dirt detection 
  • Will it wipe out your dog’s mess?

Dog hair – YES

Dog faeces – NO


Roomba S9+ Robot Hoover with Automated Dust Disposal

Roomba mentions that it is the top-most automatic vacuum cleaner ever created. That’s a valiant assertion! 

The foremost essential feature of this model is that it is a self-cleaning vacuum. With other Roomba vacuums the robot is doing the cleaning task, while your job is to dispose of the dust accumulated by the robot. You might have to remove the dust bag from the vacuum robot and dispose of the dust. However, the S9+ does this by itself at its charging station when it is charging. This adds a huge luxury to your life because who wants to manually remove and dispose of the dust collected in the dust bag each time. This is especially useful because dog hair can be difficult to dispose of manually. 

One more major feature of Roomba S9+ is that it will be deeply sterile. Not only will it be sterilized in the fur shack by your dog but also clean up dog poop. This Roomba cleaner has a strong suction capability compared to other Roomba robots. In fact, it can clean 50 times deeper than other Roomba vacuums.

This robot is also equipped with artificial intelligence that means it learns your abode & understands the obstacles that are present in the house and wipe out therefor. Other vacuums from Roomba lack this option. 

  • High Suction Power helps in deep cleaning
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Comes with a virtual wall
  • The long battery life of 2 hours
  • Expensive 
  • Noisy compared to other hoovers, this is due to the high suction capability
  • Will it sterile your dog’s mess?

Doggy hair – YES

Doggy faeces – YES


iRobot Roomba E5 Hoover

Roomba markets this product as a great automatic robot for pets. Because it provides 5x Siphon with improved pickup Siphon. This is concretely fashioned to assist scrub pets. The high-efficiency filter helps in catching the dog’s hair. Roomba claims to catch dog fur and ragweed. It is said that it can Remove up to 99% of dog and cat allergens. 

One more amazing feature of this vacuum is that it can recharge on its own, automatically. This is superbly manageable to keep secure from the pet when you are out from your abode.

  • 5X Siphon capability
  • Fashioned specifically for wiping pet fur
  • Auto recharge
  • Smart features like perfectly support Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Loud
  • Lack of digital detector that is used for house mapping
  • Can it clean your dog’s muss?

Dog hair – YES

Dog faeces – NO

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