Best Socket Set For A Mechanic

Best Socket Set For A Mechanic

 Whether it is for an urgent repair, such as the classic leaky faucet, or for more complex jobs such as bricolage and do-it-yourself, having the right tools at Mechanic is essential. With this guide, we will try to provide you with useful tips to choose the model that offers the best quality / price ratio for your needs, while for immediate concrete examples of this type of product we refer you to the individual reviews of our ranking.

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Piece Socket Wrench Set

 Crescent is a well known brand in the industry. This kit provides an incredible variety with minimal price: having 97 tools at your disposal you will be able to tackle almost any Mechanic repair job and handle any extremity.

In contrast to other tool kits, the weight of the package reduced to three kilograms, which makes it really comfortable to carry thanks to the plastic case that shows a good optimization of space and the arrangement of mechanism.  It will therefore not be difficult for you to always keep everything in order.

In summary, perfect for professional use but at an affordable cost also for hobbyists: it seems the right answer to the question of which tool set to buy.

Continue reading our guide to choosing the best tool set and to find out what the pros and cons of the Crescent CTK170CMP2 are.


Value for money: This new model is a good combination of an affordable price and a convincing offer of tools, which are a total of 97.Light: Unlike other models, this tool set weighs only 3 kilos, for a more comfortable portability . Tidy: The space for tools inside the case is neat and tidy and will allow you to put everything in place more easily.


Resistance: Not all tools are solid in the same way, according to users’ opinions, ratchets tend to twist a little too easily.

Stanley STMT73795

It contains the 210 most commonly used tools in a convenient carrying case that, among other things, can also be hung open on the wall as if it were a glove box. This allows you to work in emergency situations as if you were in the workshop, with great operator comfort.

The decidedly low weight also allows it to be transported anywhere without particular effort.

Coming to the quality of the materials, a classic key question that arises when asking how to choose a good tool set, it was rated average in user reviews. After all, it is manufactured in Germany, so the product offers all the guarantees of this country renowned for its solid metallurgical industry.

The price is obviously in proportion, making it very suitable for those who simply want to keep an emergency repair set at Mechanic and don’t need a professional model.

However, we recommend that you take a look at its pros and cons, to get a complete picture of the product and see if it can really be right for you.


On the wall: The case can be conveniently hung on the wall, ideal if you want to install it in your workshop.Weight: Not being too heavy you can carry it without too much effort.Price: It has an affordable price that adapts very well to the needs of a hobbyist or a Mechanic purchase.


Quality: The tools are not exactly of the highest quality, so they are only good for a few household chores.

Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic Tool Set 

King of the sector in Japan, this multinational provides us with one of the most complete tool sets with this model which can count as many as 450pieces including drill bits and spanners.

It is therefore not strictly speaking a universal type product, lacking tools such as wrenches, Allen keys and forks; however, it optimally solves the problem of those who have to complete the equipment of a drill, even in the face of the fact that the pieces are adaptable to all brands, not only to Craftsman 450  pneumatic tools.

The price is really good, placing the kit in the low end despite the quality is still superior to the classic junk that breaks after a few holes. It’s not perfect, but overall it does the job well.

Precisely for this reason we advise you to check what are the pros and cons of the product, continuing to read. If you don’t know where to buy the tool set, click on the link of the online store page.


The case contains 450 pieces, including drill bits and screwdriver. Compatible: The pieces are compatible with drills of Compatible: The parts are compatible with drills of all brands, plus of course Makita ones Price: If you are looking for a good low cost drill kit, you may have found the model that suits you


Not universal: This model is suitable for those who are looking for a set of tools to match their drill, so you will not find wrenches, Allen keys or other mechanisms.

How to use a tool set

 Having a screwdriver and pliers at Mechanic is certainly a useful thing but often it is not enough to cope with certain emergencies that, you can be sure, sooner or later arise at greaser. In order not to be caught unprepared, it may be appropriate to have a set of worthwhile tools for convenient usage.

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