The Air Purifier CADR Ratings Scale

Air Purifier And Its Clean Air Delivery Rate

Air purifiers are becoming a necessity in this modern world. As you can see now there are air purifiers for cars too and people understand the importance of fresh air and in the recent survey conducted by many personnel’s and as per the 2018 report nearly 8 Million people die due to air pollution and the reason is it clogs our lungs and makes it tough for us to breath.

These gadgets help you to clean the air in your environment and it is beneficial for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases. The air is cleaned from three things such as smoke, toxic substances and dust.

Why Is The Clean Air Delivery Rate considered Important?

Clean Air Delivery Rate is also called CADR. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers gives these ratings to the air purifiers to determine the quality of air these machines produce. And this association has been working on purifier rating for the past 41 years.

This CADR rating helps people to find the best purifier and if the rating is more it can be considered that the device reproduces 100% pure non contaminated air for us to breathe. The CADF rating is given depending on the scale on which the machine purifies the air and they will be allotted CFM value which is cubic feet per moment and with this CADR rating, it makes the product trustworthy.

CADR Ratings are evaluated at the beginning stage and depending on the value the device is considered to be a success or failure. And its rating is trusted by many consumer associations and unions. 

Hepa and Air Purification

Hepa is a mechanical filter that is used to purify the micro and small particles that are carried along with the air and this HEPA filter can remove 90% of all particles that is found in the air and the maximum filtration may filter up to 99.97%. But now in recent times if the Hepa filter is genuine then the filtration percentage should be 99.97%.

CADR Value Range

The CADR rating ranges from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 550 depending upon the molecular size and the room size plays a major role in considering the CADR value. If the room is bigger the time required to clean all the polluted air will take time and it also depends on the purifier’s fan speed and for a small purifier that runs in 100 Watts then it will have the CADR value of about 200 to 300 due to its lesser fan speed.

Procedure To Determine CADR Rating

These air purifiers are tested by a process called the ANSI/AHAM AC-1 standard. And the purifier will only pass the test if it qualifies some agendas which are given below:-

  • The first step is to test the air purifier in a room that is about 1008 Cubic feet in space.
  • All the pollutants in the air are to be tested before and after the test for accuracy.
  • The purifier is used for 20 minutes and the value of pollutants present are calculated often.
  • The reduction in the value of pollutants is compared with its natural state.
  • After the test is finished then the CADR rates the purifier.

What purifiers are Considered To Be The Best 


Blueair is like a leader to all the purifiers as it has a simple design in terms of style and using it is very simple. Just plug the device and purify the air. It removes all the unwanted particles that enter its air space.
You can control the device with the touch control panel and it also has the boost mode and auto setting mode. The auto mode makes the purifier work at high settings in the morning and reduces the fan speed at night. And it has very beautiful green light aurora settings.

Levoit Core 300

It is the best affordable purifier and it is a high end performance device. It can clean a room of 40M2. and the cost for maintenance is very low and the HEPA H13 filter does its excellent job and cleans 99.97% of pollutants in the air and it does not make noise like other devices during the cleaning process. In a few words it is the cheapest and best tested purifier. Buy now before the stocks get depleted. 

Air purifier is Necessary or Not

Air purifiers are becoming very important needs now as during pandemics we will never know what disease we are bringing home with us and this can make our family sick so to prevent this and to breath clean air buy an air purifier. We may not give our kids the best life but these purifiers can help kids breath air which is free of contamination.

CADR is air purifier rating to tell about the performance of the purifier and effectiveness after it is tested and while testing they are tested at high settings. If you are having allergies or asthma then having a purifier is best for you as it can help to heal faster. Buy the purifier that has the medical grade HEPA filter as it can remove a higher percentage of pollutants from the air.

The minimum best buy value would be about 200. If a purifier is below 200 CADR value then it is a failure.

If you have asthma, then it is recommended to buy a purifier which has both a HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

Carbon filter is used to remove the odour from the air. For eg. pet smell, diaper smell etc.

If you have an allergy then check after a few weeks of using the purifier and if the symptoms reduce then the purifier is working.

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