Chortau Dash Cam 1080p your reputable consort on the road

You must have found many gadgets and tech in your car but you might have seen a camera which shows you ahead and behind your car. A Chortau Dash cam is not which will give you infotainment, give any comfort. This is a small and compact device which offers you in the way of frills and have a laser-focused purpose that record everything that goes on in or around your car on the off chance that something might go wrong when you are on the road.

Chortau Dash cam

To keep your safety in mind while you are on the road with your car the technology experts have designed a front and rear waterproof car camera with a high resolution of 1080p called Chortau Dash cam which will record everything with a great video quality and super night vision, clearly captures the license plates cars as well as road signs during a day and night.


  • 3-inch LCD.
  • 170-degree viewing angle lens.
  • AVI video format.
  • Supports G-sensor lock.
  • Built-in-li-ion battery power.
  • DC 5v/1.5A external power supply.
  • Support micro SD card up to 32GB of storage.
  • Works on heat and low temperature of -86-degree F~ +158-degree F.

How do Chortau Dash cam works?

  • Dual camera access that is front and rear: Chortau front and the rear camera capture both the front and rear view for full protection and peace of mind on the road while you are driving. Simultaneously monitor everything ahead and behind your back. The videos taken by the front camera are stored on the SD card and for those of the rear camera are stored alongside for easy access.
  • Great Night Vision: The camera is in touch with 6LEDs IR infrared lights and great night vision technology that will capture fresh images and record videos even in low light.
  • Reversing Camera for safe parking: This dual camera will automatically show you a full rear view with parking guidelines when the car reversed gear is engaged. Chortau 1080 dash cam will help you to park your car safely and easily.
  • Monitors 24*7 parking mode: The dashcam will monitor your car for 24*7 hours in parking as this dual camera works on an internal battery. Suppose if someone mistakenly hits your car the G-sensor activates and records a short clip then lock and save it and then automatically turn off and both the front and rear camera will work well in parking mode.
  • Emergency recording: The Chortau dash cam is in-built with an adjustable G-sensor when the G-sensor is triggered by a sudden shake, it provide you significant evidence when something unexpected is going to happen and current footage will be stored and protected in the SD card.
  • Continuous recording: The camera comes up with a continuous recording function so it will automatically overwrite new recordings with the oldest one when the memory card is full. You also have access to make the size of each file for 1minute, 3minutes, and 5minutes.
  • Full HD 1080p camera: The dashcam will give you ultra-high quality and a full HD video of 1080p at 30fps. Chortau dash cam will influence you with the best visual experience.
  • Optimal temperature resistance: The dashcam is always ready to record and store in any climate as it is powered by the car charger and internal capacitor which is used for greater heat and cold endurance of -86-degree F~ +158-degree F.
  • Clear view with a waterproof rear camera: This dash cam is protected with a waterproof rear camera along with 4LEDs which allow you to see everything that is happening behind your car even in low light.
  • Quick and easy installer: This dash cam is very easy to install and operate. If your car does not have a built-in reversing system you do not have to worry just connect the rear camera cable red wire into a positive lead of your reversing lamp. If your car already has the reversing system then no need to connect the red wire anywhere.
  • Supports micro SD card: This dual camera supports a micro SD card of up to 32GB storage capacity to store and record everything.

Overall Review

This Chortau dual dash-camera is great in features that will keep you safe during driving and give you present notifications about what is happening ahead and back of your car. It will exceed your expectations and will give a great visual experience with easy-to-use. This is compact and small which is quite easy to install and comes up with many languages menu which helps you to deal with properly. This dash-camera worth money with its awesome result.

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