2020’s Best DIY Solar Generator Kits

Solar Power Panel At Home – Best Solar Power Generator Kits 2020

Hi there are you searching about the Effective alternative for paid electricity which is potable wherever you go and these mini solar panels are the alternative source for eco friendly electricity.  These Do-It-Yourself solar panels are cheap and considered to be long lasting for years.

As we all know the electricity prices have increased enormously in the last few years and the reason is all the non-renewable resources are getting depleted and now we produce electricity by means of nuclear fission and it causes environmental degradation.

These solar generators are best, they can be moved to any place that lacks electricity such as villages or mountains or even forests. All you need is sunlight to produce your own electricity.

Are these solar generators effective and safe?

These solar power generators are effective and if you want to make your own electricity then first buy a kit and follow the instructions provided in it to assemble the parts, construct a homemade solar power generator. There are few doubts about the Solar generator being safer than a gas generator and these gas generators require a nonrenewable source to produce energy and the Solar Panel they only need the sun to produce energy which is a renewable source and you are not depleting nature for your own benefit.

The Solar Power generator will never ever set you back more than what it gives you because it is a single time investment and it can be used lifelong since in the near future the fossil fuels are more likely to be depleted and so most of the people will be forced to move towards this renewable source. There are different kinds of generators, some take less time to charge and some take some time to charge.

There are few other benefits while these solar generator are build specially to last longer and they have warranty for more than two decades and maintenance costs is very minimal, Power consumption is also very low considering a gas generator and if you want to repair this solar panel safely it is easy because you can assemble and fix the equipment at home in case of malfunction.

Let’s look into few models of the solar Generator kits

1) Renogy 400 watt

It is one of the best mini solar power generators and is evaluated 5/5 stars by almost every customer who uses this product. This company has many years of experience in meeting the solar power requirement. In case you are searching for a small compatible power generator then Renogy 400 watt is what you should buy.

2) Xinpuguang 400-watt kit

This is one the most innovative solar generators as most people find it hard to carry the panel with them. This company came up with the best idea as a flexible solar power generator. It is bendable and can be placed on any surface. It is the slimmest solar panel and it weighs about only 4 Lbs and it’s very thin, only 0.1 inches in width and is 70 % more flexible than other kits.


DOKIO 200 Watt is the first of its kind. It is one of the most affordable and purchased by the majority of people as it is a foldable power generator unit and it accompanies a USB power socket which allows you to charge your mobiles or 12V batteries.

It should be directly placed under the sun and it can be folded into a small kit and can be taken anywhere and it is suggested as the best for people who hike and if you’re looking for a small outdoor solar power kit then this is the match. It is also called a Dokio charger.

4) Go Power Weekender Solar Kit 

This Do-It-Yourself solar based power generator can produce up to 1500W power and it is used to charge your 12V battery. This product has been available in the store for a decade and it allows you to produce energy anywhere you want and Go Power Weekender Solar kit consists of a lithium battery in it.



Go Power Weekender Solar Kit


5) Grape Solar 400W Solar Kit 

Grape Solar 400W DIY solar power kit also has all the essential parts apart from its battery and the device consists of an output socket of 400 watts. It is mostly used outdoors and it has a charge regulator and it likewise arrives in a 100 Watt Solar base to give us an output of 500 Watts.

6) WindyNation 400-Watt Solar Kit

This WindyNation 400 can be assembled by anyone quickly. It is better than the other alternatives because it comes with a  pack of compatible batteries. Furthermore, it is well aligned to run your home devices.

7) OG Solar 110V alternative Power Generator 

The OG Solar power generator consists of two solar panels and a powerhouse in a single unit. Just keep the panel in sunlight and start using your appliances and this kit is enough for you to run a boat and it is one of the best sellers in the market.

Assemble and use solar power generator at home 

Solar power generators are now mostly used by people who go for an outing as they will be staying in places where there will be no electricity and some of these kits can even power your boat and they can also jumpstart your car which is awesome and before assembling you should consider few things such as your monthly household electricity usage and you should buy the kit accordingly because some offers less Watt and some offer high watt.


You can also use these kits to store energy in an inverter or you can use  greater batteries and utilize them, when there is a power cut and it will definitely help you to reduce your electricity bill.

Yes, you can assemble the kit at home just follow the instructions given in the Brochure.


Yes, you can carry some of the kits in your backpack as they are comparatively smaller in size to the other kits.

No, only a few of these kits are water proof hence it is recommended to use the bag that the company provides you.


If you consider all the facts, solar generators are good as they cause no pollution and their cost is very less when considering a gas power generator.

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