GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush Review

Recently, the world has been going crazy over hair straightening brushes. GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush has just walked into the game as a band with its revolutionary heated brush technology. So we tested out the brush first hand and we are sharing our review in this blog article to make your life easier.

GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush Review

Firstly, let’s understand how GHD Glide hot brush works?

The brush has tips which use ceramic technology to get heated up to the temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature at which professional hairstylists work. It is this temperature in which all the magic happens, when the hair is heated to this temperature, the shape of the hair can easily be changed into the desired shape without any damage to the hair. This is where the main difference comes, GHD Glide professional hot brush does a great job in maintaining the desired temperature adjusting the temperature in real-time, that is reducing the temperature when the hot brush bristle temperature is above the desired temperature, hence giving quick and safe hair straightening to all length of your hair. It also comes with smart feature like automatic sleep mode and is equipped with a long 9 ft cable length which helps you get fancy with the brush without having to stay close to the socket.

Let’s look at the benefits of GHD Glide brush straightener.

Faster straightening

GHD brush straightener reaches its peak bristle temperature within 10 seconds. This is really handy for the new lifestyle where time is short but there is no compromise on your looks. However, you may still need up to 4-5 minutes to work off your complete hair length.

More Hair Volume at work, at a time!

With the brush design compared to conventional straightener design, the heating effect is on more hair volume compared to localised heating of normal hair straighteners. This also results inhomogeneous or uniform heating where all areas of your hair are worked up to same temperature compared to turn by turn localized heating effect of normal hair straightener.

No more frizzy hair

The GHD hot brush also comes with frizz eliminating ions, thereby eliminating concerns of frizz, static and flyaway while you are straightening your gorgeous hair. Finally, the Ions that you studied in Chemistry during school finally came into use in real life.

Drop it, it fine

GHD hair brush straightener is an award-winning design and is drop tested several times and lab tested and is designed to take the harshness of our fast-paced lifestyle. Be confident that if you drop it, it’s going to survive it. So feel free to get as comfortable with it as you wish. 

So does it work as it promises?

So after several tests with many models and also getting it reviewed from top hairstylists. It can be concluded that this GHD Glide hot brush straightener works best for dry hair and creates the promised results with frizz-free healthy straight hair in a matter of minutes. It can also be used by people with non-dry hair and similar results were seen but we would say dry hair gave us the best results.

It is definitely a must-have for all girls living a fast-paced lifestyle and want glam up as quickly as possible and get along with life. Go ahead and try it, you will not regret it.

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