How To Make Holy Water For Protection And Blessing

Holy Water – Spiritual Power To Fight Evil

Every religion has its own holy source to fight bad spirits, sickness, and evil and everyone who believes in a God believes in the effect of sacred water as it is the most flawless type of faithful water, which is used while praying before God to make it sacred. Blessed water can be blessed at home, church, mosque, and temple and the person who prays for blessing should be a good and holy god’s disciple to make the sacred water. Heavenly water is utilized by people to prevent bad situations and accidents. But if you are unable to find a holy god’s disciple then you can follow some heavenly steps to make blessed water at home.

Instructions To Produce Sacred Water At Home

For creating sacred water at home we have to take sacred holy salt which should be natural without any adulteration and now take a bowl and keep the natural salt in it and after keeping the salt in the bowl take the holy bible and start reading the Roman Ritual. If you don’t have the Roman Ritual you can browse it online or can buy the holy bible from any shop. 

And if there is someone with you during this ritual procedure ask them to go along with you in the blessed gathering and complete the prayer without stopping the prayer in between because it is a holy process that connects our soul with God. There should be no hindrance during the prayer. Now the salt in the bowl has been blessed by God and became sacred, keep this salt separate and you can blend it in with heavenly water to make the sacred blessed water.

For preparing sacred water it is recommended to avoid normal pipe water or any other local water instead it is suggested to use rainwater or water from a waterfall as it is the most flawless wellspring of water without any added chemicals. Now transfer the water into another bowl and start reading the Roman Ritual. Follow the same procedure as you followed while making the salt holy.

Now if you have completed purifying both the heavenly water and the sacred salt the last step is to blend them. Now sprinkle the salt looking like a blessed cross and let the salt dissolve in the water, during this process read the Holy Scripture to focus the energy around you to make the godly holy water.

Improve holy Water By The Below Ways

Moon is holy and it will be beneficial if the holy water is kept below the moonlight for a few days.  Using moonlight as a source for making water holy will not cost us effectively if we want to prevent evils from happening then keep the water under moonlight. This pure holy water can be used during rituals and it is recommended to utilize a silver bowl for this reason, because silver is considered to be the holiest metal and it helps in focusing the spiritual energy.

Like keeping the water under moonlight there is one more way to improve it by adding bits of gold into the holy water and keeping it in the sunlight for it to attain the energy from the sun this is likewise an alternative to make the water heavenly.

Approaches to utilize heavenly water

Store the holy water in a unique bottle or spray bottle and spray it around your house or on the members of your family every day as holy water has the power to cure people’s illness and suffering. It can also be taken anywhere and it can be used to bless anyone irrespective of their religion because in all religions the holy books say that fight evil and spread love. Love is the ultimate weapon and the sacred water is a source of love from God to us. 

Some people search the internet about can we drink blessed water and the answer for that is yes you can drink sacred water however don’t follow the first method that we used because the first method requires us to utilize salt, so it will become tough for us to drink the sacred water. So assuming you need to drink sacred water follow the other two methods which include moon, silver, and sun, gold. 

And if you feel like doing the three methods to make the most flawless kind of the sacred water, you can also follow the three methods. Holy water ultimately promotes the holiness and happiness of individuals and your locality, due to the increase in God’s presence.

Yes, of course heavenly water can be given to any animal because God created everything and he blesses everything irrespective of what it is.

No, holy water can never prevent a hangover because drinking is killing yourself and God will never help you to kill yourself.

Fill the holy water in a bottle and keep it somewhere sacred.

 Yes, you can use it during prayer time and pour it everywhere in your home for protection.

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