Owlet Baby Monitor Reviews


  • Defend against sudden infant deaths.
  • It allows you to monitor your baby from anywhere.
  • Keep parents calm and relax.
  • Give immediate notification if the baby is having a problem.
  • Cost-effective.


  • It works only when the baby is sleeping.
  • It needs to charge every day.

What’s an Owlet Baby Monitor?

Owlet baby monitor is pretty affordable and attractive that gives you information about your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels that could save their life. The smart sock technology is compact that you can connect with your smartphone via the owlet app.

Owlet baby monitor

The smart sock is the most innovative baby monitor that is used by most of the parents to monitor their babies’ oxygen levels and heart rate when they sleep. While it is a beautiful concept that keeps working to monitor the baby’s little heart accurately that prevents them from sudden infant deaths. While it can be complicated and doesn’t work always the way you want as it is a technical device not a living being.

Top-rated Owlet baby monitor that gain a huge rating

When it comes to babies’ parents become extra careful and they are searching for different ways to keep their baby’s safety while they are sleeping. There is nothing more dreadful than sudden infant death and no one knows what exactly happens to their babies. 

To save your baby from this kind of tragic situation you can go through the most prominent way that is by using baby monitors. These baby monitors have around for a longer period that will allow you to hear your baby from anywhere in the house using a remote monitor.

This will let you know your baby’s situation if they are awake and also hear if they become restless. These baby monitors were build-up with advanced technology that allows you to monitor your baby when they sleep.

But now Owlet baby monitor has come up with a new and innovative way to keep a hold on your baby and ensure that they are safe and sound throughout the night. The owlet baby monitor is a small smart sock that your newborn wears to sleep that keep tracking their oxygen levels and heart rate.

This smart sock baby monitor launched in 2013 to give parents a warm relaxation with their newborns. Besides, tracking your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level it will also alert you if your baby is restless or stop breathing. The alert will go to your smartphone as well as a beeping sound to the station base that is set up in your home.

Be careful if a sock slip off your baby it will give you a quick notification as your baby has stopped breathing. This legitimate baby monitor is the most selling monitor that received a huge rating before the targeted goal.

For many years sudden infant death has snatched parent’s peace of mind. The owlet baby monitor can be worn under socks that will alert parents about their babies’ situation while they sleep so that they can reach their baby on time and save them.

According to research 94% of parents who used the smart sock report good improvements in their sleep as well as reduced depression. Why? Well, because of this owlet baby monitor that tracks their babies heart rate and oxygen level when they sleep. If any of these levels fall outside the normal range a quick notification is sent to the smartphone, knowing a compact monitor can do it well it seems quite comfortable.

Great Features of Owlet baby monitor

Monitors heart rate and oxygen level: The Owlet baby monitor is made with pulse oximetry that tracks down the babies’ heart rate, sleep, and oxygen level. This is the same technology that medical experts have been using for years to check blood oxygen levels. This baby monitor is simply a modified version of this technology so that it can be more user friendly and comfortable for your baby.

Give quick alert: In addition to monitoring your baby it alerts you if your babies’ heart rate fluctuate or oxygen level starts to drop. These are preset levels within the Owlet baby monitor but you can also set a specific time when you like to be notified. This baby monitor will alert you by sending a notification to your smartphone via the owlet app. The notification will be sent before your baby’s heart rate stop so that you can reach your baby and can call for help. Every sound counts by this sock monitor when your baby becomes restless. Parents can do anything to save their child so that most of them prefer to use this sock monitor that will allow them to be there on time to save their baby.

Easy to use:The Owlet baby monitor is soft and easy to use which is specially designed to use while your baby is sleeping. It needs to be charged daily so that you can use it without any failure.

Connect with your smartphone via the owlet app: One of the best features of this smart sock monitor is that you can get connected with your baby’s current situation through an app on your smartphone. So if you leave your baby with any of your family members while you go out for work you can check-in at any time and make sure they are fine.

Can be monitor from anywhere: The craziest feature of this smart sock monitor is that anyone can use the app on their phone with the login credentials to check on your baby. The best way to keep eye on your little one and you will be relaxed throughout the day.

Easy to clean: The Owlet baby monitor is easy to clean. Just remove all the electronic components from the monitor and wash off the sock.

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