SAE Vs Metric: Which one should I prefer?

Which One Is The Best - New SAE Sockets And Old Metric Sockets

The major alteration when considering the Metric attachment and SAE sockets is their measurements as they are measured in yards and meters. SAE is utilized on domestic vehicles in the U.S.A. These two sockets use different measurements as they come with different fasteners, such as the 18-mm socket. SAE is also known as the standard size. This imperial measuring system was developed during the imperial period in the United States of America, and metric attachments are present in almost every old car and SAE attachments are present in every new car.

The Metric attachments look similar to the SAE socket, yet, the working technique or principle is diverse for both the SAE and Metric. To avoid problems, it is suggested not to utilize SAE fasteners on metric sockets because SEA fasteners are specifically designed for SAE sockets and don’t use SAE fasteners as a replacement for metric Nails. 

But the main reason to avoid changing these sockets is to prevent malfunctioning of the socket due to electric current fluctuation caused. The significant changes in SAE and Metric are like a thumb and an inch, and they look the same. However, they are not similar, and each one has its own unique standard. Depending on your necessity, you can discover whether an SAE socket, Metric attachment, or both are needed or not.

A Few Variations Between Metric Bolts And SAE Fasteners 

Metric Socket

It is a fastener, and it is wanted by more people in the world. These metric sockets come in different sizes such as a small 8-mm, the medium 10-mm, the large 12-mm, and the ultra-large 19-mm. This diameter is the exact size occupied by the metric fasteners, and for more than 30 plus years these sockets have been utilized in imported other nations. 


This socket is sold in the above-mentioned diameter variant and the ultimate socket that can be utilized for repairing your car is a 10-mm socket as it is a good-quality metric socket, which is important for an imported car. Metric is mostly used in imported cars.

SAE Socket

SAE sockets have their origin in the imperial system, and it helps the automotive society, and this attachment and this socket are purely established on inches and fractions. In the ’70s the SAE Socket was utilized as the structural framework for those cars and trucks in the United States, and now these sockets are used in domestic vehicles mostly. 


The normally utilized size of the SAE socket ranges from 5/16 inch bigger bolts to 1-1/4 inches smaller ones, and you can select the variant as per your requirement, and you can choose small cars to bigger trucks.

Which Work Suits SAE And Which Works Suits Metric Socket

If you are a person who works on the cars which are imported or if you plan to work on an imported car like the Honda, Kia Motors, are and Mitsubishi, then SAE is not a suggested companion to you, and I will suggest Metric bolts and sockets if you want to use them. Any person who works on both the imported version and domestic version of cars is recommended utilizing both the SAE and Metric Bolts and their sockets. 


Meanwhile, all the international car brands have agreed to use metric dockets and the national brands utilize both SAE attachment and metric socket. Yet in some cars, they utilize the metric attachments for SAE Rivets and SAE sockets for metric bolts.


And if the engine is imported, then it uses a metric socket if the car’s body is made in the country, so they utilize SAE sockets. And any person who is more passionate about four-wheelers should try metric sockets because it has become moreover a trend.

What To Use SAE or Metric

Metric and SAE both work fine and are tested as per guidelines and if you are thinking about using SAE I should tell you that you should check the diameter size and then you should check whether the car is local made or imported because SAE is perfect for local cars than the imported ones and if you are moreover a car lover and love both imported and domestic vehicles then these metric and SAE attachments, as well as fasteners, can be utilized in the car your domestic car and if you are a kind of person who works on imported cars then it is suggested Metric attachments because it is approved by nearly all countries and it is available everywhere in the world and buying both the Metric and SAE will be an easy buy.

It can be used in domestic, trucks, high-end imported cars, and bikes.

It is a small tool used to keep two non-attached parts together.

It will fit, but the joint will not be as strong as the SEA socket with an SAE fastener because the size varies for both

If you are going to use a truck, it is recommended to use SEA fasteners.

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