UV-C Wand with Spinner- A major wand to kill viruses

The invisible light has the ability to kill viruses and harmful pathogens especially the ones that cause COVID-19, but experts are blowing the whistle about the safety risk.

The pandemic is growing so rapidly that many people are suffering. If you are struggling to find household disinfectants then you will know about the power of UV-C Wand with spinner. This light-weight and portable UV Wand promises to kill 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria. UV-C is perfect for a weekend trip that will be your safety major in any circumstances.

The device is simply amazing and claims to sanitize everything including mail to computer keyboard, sofas, bed, toilets, and pet areas. They are easily available on the famous online platforms.

UV-C light wand is one of the best precautions you can take in the pandemic by cleaning your utensils that you need to touch every day. UV-C light will help you to take instant precautions.

This Wand has a UV-C light that creates a powerful sanitizing solution against harmful viruses. It has a light wavelength of 260-280nm by making it 99.9% anti-germ that kills dangerous and harmful bacteria and germs within a second. Turn on the UV Wand and sweep it across stuff and will make them germ-free within seconds.

The UV-C light wand is lightweight and is easy to carry to sanitize your stuff including toothbrushes, clothes, and bedsheets. You can easily clean your surfaces without any chemical and keep your surface from damage.

Let’s go to depth about UV-C light sanitizer

UV-C light sanitizer has been developed and designed by 59S as the best UV sanitizer for families and healthcare environments. With its global acceptance the 59S team is providing disinfection products for your everyday life, for healthcare, home, business, travel, etc. just check the UV-C light Wand sanitizer and make your life healthier.

Pros of UV-C light wand-

  • Kills up to 99.9% of germs.
  •  The light wavelength of 260-280 nm.
  • Last long up to 10000 hours.
  • Easy- to- carry and use.
  •  Free from chemicals and ozone.

How does a UV disinfection lamp work?

From the last decades, UV-C has been used for killing germs and bacteria by effectively destroying their DNA and RNA. Because of its high disinfection rate, it is mostly used in medical environments. By using LED beads the UV-C LED reproduces the UV-C light. UV-C lamp is a 100% clean and energy-efficient device.

How to use a UV-C light wand?

  • Charge your UV-C light wand with a charger.
  • Unfold the flip panel by unlocking the safety lock.
  •  Before starting wear protective goggles and to start the process double-click the sterilizing button.
  •  For effective results, it is advisable to scan the surface in every direction for 5-10 minutes by keeping a 1inch distance approximately.
  • The disinfection process will automatically finish within 3minutes or you can anytime press the button to stop the process.

Features of UV-C sanitizer?

100% ozone free: Powered with 20 pcs UV-C LED, disinfects and destroys germs, viruses, and bacteria up to 99.9%.

For everywhere: UV-C disinfection wand made your job easier with press and scan. Use the handled UV light to the surface of the keyboard, mat, carpet, bed, sofa, and anywhere you want a germ-free surface. Enjoy a healthy life with UVC Wand by having fewer germs around.

Easy-to-use and portable: UV-C Disinfection Wand is portable and lightweight with an inbuilt battery. You can easily carry the UV-C lamp anywhere by keeping it in your handbag. Whenever needed to disinfect you can easily use it to eliminate the germs.

Designed with safety: The UVC Wand has an inbuilt sensor, when it is overturned during the disinfection process it automatically shuts down.

Durable and high-quality: UV-C Disinfection Wand has a 12months free warranty and designed with high-quality material that makes it to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

UV Light Sanitizer Wand

Benefits of UVC light sanitizer

  • UV-C light has been used over the decades to kill harmful bacteria.
  • UV-C disinfection eliminates all bacteria and viruses within a minute.
  • UV-C disinfection can be used in several applications and you can use anywhere to disinfect germs around you.

Does UV light kill fungus?

UV light is natural electromagnetic radiation that directly comes from the sunlight and can also be created artificially with specialized bulbs. The UV radiation is of three types UA-A, UV-B, and UV-C and cannot be observed with the naked eyes. Among these three radiations, UV-C has the smallest wavelengths that are mostly used for UV disinfection. Most of the commercial UV products are available as sanitizers but sanitation and disinfection are not similar.

Sanitization lowers the growth of bacteria or fungi whereas disinfection kills bacteria and UV-C light is a disinfection process to kill bacteria and fungus.

Is UV light safe?

For decades scientists have known that a UV-C light that has a wavelength of 200 to 400 nm is highly effective at destroying bacteria by deactivating their DNA and RNA that held them together. The UV light is commonly used in healthcare centers to disinfect the surgical equipment.

Unfortunately, UV light is not at all good for human health as it can lead to skin cancer and cataracts and cannot be used in public places.

Interestingly, several years ago it has been found that UV-C light kills pathogens without damaging the healthy cells, and researchers observed that UV-C light effectively kills bacteria, a surgical wound infection without causing any risk to human skin.

UV-C light has a limited range that cannot penetrate deep to the human skin or in the tear layer. So, UV-C light is not harmful to human health.

Why choose a UV-C light Wand?

  • UV-C light wand has conducted all the laboratory tests where it has been verified that UV-C light effectively kills 99.9% of pathogens.
  •  Designed with UV-C resistant material to provide reliable disinfection. Guarantees the highest quality UV Wand supported with precise manufacturing and testing processes.
  • UV-C disinfection effectively sanitizes the surfaces without any damage as direct exposure to UV-C light is not good for skin but UV-C light wand is coming with proper safety that will not be harmful anymore rather it keeps you germ-free.

UV light is safe and it effectively kills germs and bacteria by deactivating their molecular bonds DNA and RNA. But direct exposure to UV light can cause skin damage even a UV light wand is safe as it has the wavelength range of 260-280 nm that is as good to eliminate pathogens.

UV light acts as an air and surface purifier that effectively kills fungus, bacteria, and other harmful germs in the environment. UV-C light not only kills fungus but also kills mold spores.

UV-C handled light sanitizer wand is the best sanitizer wand that helps to reduce the mobility of germs and bacteria on the surface. This wand kills 99.9% of germs by destroying the germ’s molecular bond DNA and RNA.

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