Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv Review: Still the best and attractive streaming device

Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv Review: Still the best and attractive streaming device

The Nvidia Shield 2019 model TV is an improved version of the TV from the Nvidia workforce to reach the market with their brand new look at affordable pricing and technological improvement beyond the limit to have distinctive features. It is worth what it costs; It is one of the best and high performing streaming android devices that offers two types of configuration as Nvidia Tegra X1 plus and CPU.

You would have streamed on many devices but nothing can stand before the legendary Nvidia Shield 2019 TV. It is what we call one of a kind. It can provide excellent 4K HDR video with Artificial Intelligent technology and additionally upholds Dolby Atmos sound. It is recognized as the best android streaming gadget, it also has plex media and Dolby vision.


Origin of Xnxubd Nvidia Shield Tv


The first-generation version of Nvidia shield Tv was launched into the market during the year 2015 produced by Nvidia to provide the users with the best gaming features to catch the audience and due to its enormous performance there came the second generation of Nvidia Shield Tv in the year 2017 with an increase in performance speed and also has controlled power processing function.

And now finally the legend xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv which outperformed all the shield tv and it comes with 8 Gb storage space and if you require more space you can buy a pro version, which offers 16 GB storage space and it also has two external USB ports for extra storage space.

If you are considering buying this tv you should know that the models similar to this in sony and LG cost more than twice the amount of this tv and it offers more specification than them and this is the best gift you can provide yourself with, The drivers of xnxubd 2019 Nvidia shield tv’s were created for superior performance and it can reduce power consumption.

Hence, their GPU is the most environmentally friendly streaming GPU available in the market and if you are an environmentalist you are gonna love this attractive environmentally friendly device.


How do they design the 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv?

The Nvidia Shield Tv 2019 is what everyone entirely expected from Nvidia. It was created to satisfy all these needs of the customer for those who needed the world’s best streaming device. The Revamped Nvidia Shield TV 2019 guarantees that this suits the user in every possible way.

  •  The size of the Nvidia Shield Tv 2019 is smaller than the previous version.
  • It contains designated ports for HDMI, Ethernet and Energy Plug.
  • The best thing is if you are having an 8 GB storage then you can increase its storage space by using the micro USB slot.
  • Inside it has Tegra X1+ which provides 25% faster performance than the previous version.
  • It has 2 GB RAM and allows AI upscaling for smarter android streaming and it improves the picture quality.
  • If you are a music lover you would love Dolby Atmos. It can take you to the new universe of sound. It gives you an unprecedented involvement in feeling sound.
  • It also has the Dolby Vision which can show you images that look 100% real. Sometimes it makes you feel like you are inside the picture.
  • It has a Built-in Google assistant and it allows you to control it with Alexa and amazon echo.

What is new about the 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv remote

The remote that comes with the case is inconceivably improved. It currently includes buttons for switching the device on and off, volume, and rewind/quick forward.
The new voice search button, home button, and back buttons are available, and at the base, there is one button that is committed for Netflix to access it at one click.

At the upper right corner of the remote, there is a button that can be altered to open any application, launch the settings,  capture a screenshot, or quite a few different potential outcomes.

The remote has a motion sensor hence, it can be controlled by movement and for power, it uses two AAA batteries and has Bluetooth to connect with the shield television and IR for controlling the television.

Buying the 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv will add colors to your life

And to conclude, if you are looking for the best device to stream then you have found it and If you have not bought the 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv yet, then of course you are missing the best Android Streaming box that is available here.

It is affordable and works very well and with the new highlights, it is 25% stronger/ powerful than its older version, it also supports 4K and HDR video or better content than all other streaming devices available in the market now. To be frank, this gaming console is the best and a great streaming gadget for everybody.

This most recent version of Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv accompanies 3 GB  Ram and is considered best for gaming and streaming.

No, You cannot add an internal hard drive, but you can connect an external USB drive or Micro SD card.

Yes, but for 240v support, you need to buy a European power plug. As the box only has the country’s Electric plug.

You can do gaming on this device, It is a streaming set-top box with gaming capability.

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