Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv Review: Still the best and attractive streaming device

In today’s era, the world is all about technology and everyone is investing their time to find the improved and classic device which can give all the comfort and make life easier. And Nvidia team gears up and come with the latest and finest streaming device called xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv which is improved and ultimate streaming and gaming Android box designed with the AI upscaling that offers a fast streaming video of 1080p and significantly loaded 4k HDR content. Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv is the best Android streaming box that supports Dolby Vision and can support the plex media server.

Your Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv

The 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv is the one that has always been something unique that makes the user crazy with its latest and upgraded features. The first-generation shield Tv came on 2015 that was manufactured by Nvidia to give the best gaming features that catch the audiences and second-generation Shield Tv came on 2017 with a bit enhanced features in speed and processing power but almost the same and then in 2019 the Nvidia team has released the upgraded version which is xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv with an advanced feature of high streaming of video game which operators love and give a much attention to it as it has the new game controller and remote with a two variant of storage that is standard tube variant of 8GB storage and with the pro variant of 16GB storage with the two USB ports that let you extend storage as if you want to attach an external hard drive to your 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv and then you will get a pro version.

The Glamour of xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv

Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv is an updated version launched by the Nvidia team with a new design, great price, a far better remote, and an impressive AI upscaling features that glam up HD videos on 4K TVs. It is a bit expensive media streamer but its latest features make it attractive. Though some feature is still missing but it still a best Android Streaming box. The 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv comes in two forms that have the same updated CPU and Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor. The 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv does not look like any streaming video player you have ever seen in your life. It is one of its kind that offers AI upscaling, a technology we have seen in high-end TVs from Sony and LG but it is the best player at a reasonable price.

At your price point, you are getting an amazing 4K HDR streaming video player with AI upscaling, support both Dolby Vision and HDR10 content and also support Dolby Atmos audio as well. You will also get the redesigned shield remote that has been made to be more user-friendly and with the latest version of Android Tv, which serves as a gateway to a crazy game streaming service, Geforce Now. With Nvidia’s older version you didn’t get an HDMI cable to connect your player to the Tv but its latest version 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv covers it up and comes with a game controller.

Xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv comes with an enhanced remote controller and gives you a better experience. Despite some issues, the Nvidia Shield Tv 2019 is still one of the best Android streaming boxes in the market and will be the best video streaming player you will use as a streaming device in your home for the coming year too.

Design of 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv

The 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv is a little different from its older one that we have seen. It designed to fulfill the user’s wish who just wants the best streaming box. The redesigned 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv means it will fit anywhere not like the older one that you left your shield on a shelf in your entertainment center it’s a new model that can be plugged in. It is not a general dongle though it can be plugged with an HDMI cable.

Being smaller in size the 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv is packed with the most necessary ports that are HDMI, power plug and Ethernet also stick around. The best thing is that the full-size USB ports are gone but can extend storage with a micro SD card slot with an internal storage of 8GB that is enough to target the audience.

Internally, the xnxubd 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv has more power than the older models as there is a Tegra X1+ processor with 2GB of RAM that is 25% more powerful and enables with AI upscaling feature with the content from 720p/1080p to 4K streaming video which is much smarter than any Andriod streaming box. Once you use this 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv the feature will activate and then you will get better quality.

On top of that, the big highlight of this 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv is its updated remote control even though the remote is Bluetooth but it gives some quirks of the previous design. It’s a bit harder and thicker to lose along with adding power buttons for volume control, pause/play, power and fast forward. There is also a Netflix button and all the buttons are backlit. The 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv has an Ethernet Port which once pressed will trigger a remote locator function and will stick with the Google Android Tv platform.

Features of 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv

  • Dolby Atmos: Take you to the new world of sound with Dolby Atmos. It gives you an extraordinary experience with moving audio.
  • Superior Design: As per the user’s demand Nvidia Shield Tv 2019 is designed to be the perfect piece of your entertainment center with more storage and expandability from2x USB ports.
  • AI upscaling: Upscale HD video to 4K by using the power of AI and the latest Tegra X1+ processor that will give a clear video to 4K resolution.
  • Dolby Vision: Dolby Vision will deliver your lifelike image with highlights up to 40 times brighter and black and 10 times darker than a standard picture that takes you to the real world.
  • New Remote: Give an upgrade remote controller feature through you can control your Tv with voice search, backlit buttons, motion-activated and IR blaster.
  • High Performance: The Tegra X1+ processor makes 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv up to 25% faster than the older one.
  • Built-in Google Assistant: You can control your 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv with Google Alexa and Amazon echo.
  • Built-in Chromecast: You can easily cast your photos, videos, your favorite apps from your smartphone to your Tv.

Final Verdict of Nvidia 2019 Shield Tv

If you still not picked up 2019 Nvidia Shield Tv then you are missing a great Android Streaming box. It’s affordable and does it works well with the new features with 25% more powerful than the older version, has better remote with AI upscaling, supports 4K and HDR content than any other streaming player in the market. It is one of the best Android streaming devices you can buy and the best gaming console ever.

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